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What You Need To Know To Pick The Perfect Landscaping Contractor

For sure, everyone realizes at one point they need to look for a professional landscaping service contractor. But sometimes contractors can cut corners, particularly if you need the work done fast and with a reasonable price tag. Locating a responsible contractor will probably be simple for anyone following these practical pointers. 

A licensed landscaping service contractor like becomes part of your team when you enter into an agreement, and you need to have a look at him as such. You should completely see every part of the agreement before consenting to the arrangement. Guarantee that the sum you are paying for the very first up front installment just isn’t as much as half of the maximum. To get a vital glimpse into the inner workings of your contractor’s office, make arrangements to sign the paperwork there; it could allow you to see how he runs his business. 

The expertise to offer an exact assessment before beginning work is a sign of an esteemed contractual worker. A detailed portrayal of the job ought to be given to your landscaping service contractor so that he can then provide you with a solid estimate. Insist on getting all estimates from prospective contractors in writing, because verbal estimates are hard to enforce if things don’t go as expected. Provide your contractor with a tour of the job site and a full, detailed description of what you expect so that he can develop an accurate quote. 

If there’s a pet in your house/apartment, your landscaping service provider should find out about it before the project starts. It might be a necessity for you to relocate your pet animal for the time being until the landscaping service contractor can finish his duties, especially if your pet animal will interfere with his job or will likely be a distraction. The safest thing to do would be to get your pet animal in a secure place, away from the contractor as well as their workers. 

When you are working with a Landscaping service contractor, part of the process should include getting references from people who have worked with him or her in the past. Since they are a honest indication of a temporary worker’s genuineness, guarantee that you get a few various references. Make sure that your landscaping service provider uses high-quality materials because you do not want him or her compromising the project with cheap stock. You should ask your landscaping service provider for a list of the materials being used, and be sure you agree with it before any work is started. 

Make sure landscaping service contractors are aware of every necessary detail before they agree to the project. Before you wrap up the interviews, make sure that potential contractors are comfortable with the parameters of your project. Without clear, honest and frequent communication between the contractor and the client, delays can push back the delivery of the project. The best form of communication to avoid blunders is any which can be continuous and clear. 

Window Cleaning Doesn’t Have To Be Hard Work

You can do window cleaning for residential or commercial purposes. The way to make sure that you’re doing this right is to have a good idea as to how the things work. Get the information you need about this matter here to get more info on what you can do to succeed with cleaning windows. When considering this information, keep in mind green cleaning principles.

When you are dealing with windows, make sure that you are not just blasting them with chemicals and water through a high pressured cleaning system. Of course, you can use this kind of thing to clean a window, but you need to check the integrity of them before washing. Otherwise you may find them to crack or have other problems that may not be that easy for you to work with in the long run. Start really getting to know what your power washing system works best on, or do the work by hand if you want to really know it’s being done right.

If you’ll be working with a commercial building, they may have regulations as to how you clean. This may even be the case if there are any residential rules or licenses you have to follow or get. Many people think that you can just open a business and don’t really have to follow any rules since it’s your company and that’s what makes you in charge.

In reality, local and federal levels of government can bring your company down if you are not able to make sure you follow the rules they have set up.

You may want to learn about the ways to be safe so that you can be more likely to remain unhurt when doing work. If you’ll be up high, you need to have a safety on your harness where you can have it work for you to hold you in the air if you fall off of the platform you have set up. The problem is that a lot of people don’t test their safety devices. If you’re not sure of whether or not it works, assume the worst and then you can find something that does work that can be tested. Now you can see why you need window cleaners to do the work some times!

You’ll find that window and glass cleaning is a great way for you to make an income. Whether you want to start a business or just help those that live around you, this advice should get you to where you can start.

self contained steam shower

Must Know Tips For Choosing A Great Steam Shower

If you’ve been in the market for a new means of relaxing athome, you’ve likely been turned in the direction of steam showers. The namealone may seem confusing or self defeating at first however. After all, don’tall showers put off steam given the wealth of water vapor? We all know thefeeling of stepping out into a steamy bathroom after a hot shower all too well.Surely they must all be the same, right?

Actually, there’s a lot more to these steamy marvels thanyou might think. Just take a visit to your local spa retreat and ask for directionsto the steam room. You’re sure to get acquainted with what makes them specialstraight away.

Luckily, you don’t have to take routine trips to the spa toenjoy a good steam shower at all. In fact, you can have them installed right inyour home. As with any part of a “home make-over” however, it canfeel pretty daunting trying to wrap your head around where to get started orwhat type of shower to ultimately chose. In the following paragraphs, we’ll goover every little detail you need to know to make the right choice.

First of all, there are two basic types of steam showers.The first that generally comes to mind is a room or chamber built right into anexisting (or new) room. There is an easier to deal with self contained styleyou may also want to consider however. You may also find the term “purposebuilt” associated with the latter.

Of course, before you dive too far into all the ins and outsof steam showers themselves, you need to get a firm understanding of the spaceavailable in your home. There are a lot of different issues you’re going toneed to consider. For instance, do you have an existing shower that you merelywant to replace? Are you looking to add on an entirely new room? The list ofconsiderations goes on and on.

Aside from just knowing the space you’ll need allocated, youalso have to think of the plumbing and electricity. Both of these elements canobviously prove incredibly problematic for homeowners down the line if any partof their installation or alteration hasn’t been handled properly.Unfortunately, this means you have a lot of homework ahead of you. You may needto consult public records of your architecture, Don’t fret however; a wealth offorward planning will undoubtedly be worth it to you in the end.

Although it’s best to get all of those matters dealt with upfront, it won’t hurt to start dreaming up what sort of features you might want your steam shower to have. It might actually make all of the hard work thatmuch easier if you have a particularly cushy goal in mind. You can make your steam shower a place of true relaxation, complete with differently colored mood lighting and even music playback. There are a myriad of luxury features you can include, and knowing what you’re interested in will help you focus on getting the project done andalso sort out your overall budget. Of course, these are both immensely important.

Now, let’s go over steam showers a bit more closely. Ifyou’re not already familiar, they combine the functionality of normal showers into a self contained unit. They are generally used more for relaxation than day to day cleaning, though you can certainly clean up in them if so desired.Typical running water functions can be accommodated, but the primary purpose is going to be producing and maintaining a high temperature steam for a highly revitalizing experience.

It’s easy to confuse the basic functions of a steam shower to that of a sauna While they both present warm, relaxing environments, a steam room tends to be fairly humid and moist overall. Saunas on the other hand are notably dry and even hotter.

With that basic understanding under your belt, the next matter to take care of revolves around all the whys and hows! If you’re looking to get a steam shower in your home, you first need to consider the essentials of installation. The three primary components are as follows:

1 – The Steam Generator

As you’d expect, steam generators take water and convertthem into steam that will then be piped into your room or stall.

2 – Water AndPlumbing Access

Remember all of the homework we discussed earlier? You need to make sure you have access to the water supply and plumbing system in your home.

This is especially true if you’re going the DIY steam route, and it’ll save yousome extra time (and money) if you’ve decided to employ a contractor. All waterpumped into the steam generator has to have a proper route into it as well as away to drain.

3 – Electrical SupplyAccess

The heating functionality of steam generators must beoperated by electricity. Delicacy and precaution must be applied any time youwork with electricity, especially when you’re pairing it with water andplumbing units. Again, this is a crucial step to be able to check off of yoursteam shower to-do list.

After you have that squared away, you should finally beready to get down to getting your steam shower installed. This is no “flyby the seat of your pants” operation either; there are three basic ways togo about it. You can consider the following approaches:

1 – Simply Alter AShower You Already Have

If you want to retrofit a shower already in your home, youhave to remember that steam showers have to be a fully enclosed area tofunction as intended. Otherwise, all of the steam will fill the remainder ofthe room much like standard issue showers, defeating the purpose entirely. Youmay be looking at a lot of unnecessary work if your shower doesn’t have anenclosed door and ceiling already.

It goes even further. You have to take painstaking care thatall of your existing walls (as well as the drain pan) are sealed off properly.Steam is quite wily and will escape through even the smallest of spaces ifgiven the chance. You likely have a lot of grout work ahead of you.

Having a sloped ceiling is also ideal. You might not thinkof this intuitively, but the slope will make sure any built up compensationdoesn’t drip on you uncomfortably. If your existing shower doesn’t fit thebill, that’s one more extra step that might make you consider one of the otherapproaches laid out below.

Also, try to find out the manufacturer of the shower partsyou already have. In some instances, you might be able to findsteam-appropriate materials such as enclosed doors that fit onto your existingunit. The Kohler brand is an especially good example of this.

Finally, keep in mind that conversion is a potentially heavyproject. The easier DIY route may be to buy a self contained unit to install.If retrofitting is your preferred method however, consider consultation with plumbersand electricians early on to ensure your safety once everything has beeninstalled.

2 – Design &Build A Dedicated New Room

While designing an entirely new room for your steam showermay seem like the most work possible, it may be preferred so that you can makesure every aspect of the project is catered to your specific tastes. You’ll beable to avoid any compromise. Starting from the ground up might even be fasterthan going through the whole routine of surveying an existing room andinstallation to retrofit everything.

Going forward with a built-in steam room will be especiallyuseful in avoiding headaches with rerouting old plumbing and electricity. Youcan make sure the rest of the materials comprising the likes of the walls anddoors are also exactly as they need to be right up front. It’s still a bigproject however, so you may still want to work with professionals to help makesure all of your safety requirements and measurements are within theirrespective ideal ranges.

3 – Purchase A DIYPurpose Built Steam Unit

Self contained, purpose built units can be purchased andinstalled, removing at least some of the stress that comes with the largerprojects detailed above. You still need to make sure electrical and plumbingaccess is available however, alongside all of the other aspects of the earlyplanning stages. Beyond that, the installation is all that remains. Allmaterials (such as the steam generator) will be included in the package,complete with any bonuses you’ve decided to invest in.

As long as you make sure you have all of the room you needand take ample precautionary steps, you should be more than ready to decidewhich way to go with your steam shower. Each style listed above has itsindividual strengths, but any format will ultimately leave you with arefreshing and relaxing experience with a myriad of health benefits. Get all ofyour measurements and size requirements in check, compare the pricing ofdifferent part and fully self contained unit manufacturers, and make sure to lookinto the best warranty for your needs! After all of that, you should be readyto go.

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3 ways to grow your construction or remodeling business

Running a business is a very tricky task that requires a lot of thought and effort. There is no easy recipe to grow your business so as a business owner you should be prepared to go into the ditches and put in your hard work.

But it is also important to employ a smart growth plan and then work hard on it. Here are some tips that can assist you in formulating a growth plan for your remodeling business.

Small clients before big clients

When you are beginning don’t go for the biggest project that you could find, but it’s rather important to work on your reputation by taking on smaller projects that you can complete at lower budget and in shorter period of time. Build your skill base then try to grow to larger clients.

Trying to grow too quickly and too fast can leave the business running short on resources resulting in poor quality jobs that can seriously compromise your business’s reputation and make it extremely difficult to acquire any future projects.

Building a reputation and a brand

The biggest hurdle that a new business has to face is the lack of any proven reputation that makes the client reluctant to place their trust in your inexperienced hands. To overcome that situation it’s advisable to gain registration of different accreditation and accolades.

Prove your reputation by registering with National remodeling society or ABC Accredited quality Contractor status. These accolades would help you in growing your business.

Strong web presence

Make it easy for the client to reach you, so having a good web presence can greatly influence the success of your business. Statistics reveal that nearly 80% of Americans rely on internet and search engines to search for different products and services.

So employing a good advertising strategy and a strong presence over the web can greatly increase the value and outreach of your business.

I’ll be releasing more posts soon on starting and growing a home services business, so stay tuned for that!


How to build your own custom frameless shower

Creating something with your own hands add a sense of personalization and ownership to the piece. Bathroom is perhaps one of the most frequently used areas of the house, therefore it is important to ensure that the design and aesthetic appeal of the house is according to your taste and preferences.

is very easy to create your own version of custom frameless showers, below I share some of the tips that you can use to easily create a unique and one of a kind piece for your bathroom.


Design is one of the toughest aspects of designing a personalized frameless shower. A simple search on google can provide you with a range of online resources and companies that provide the facility for the users to design their own showers. The clients can also send the custom designs to the company and they can adjust the designs to fit the technical requirements of a frameless shower. All you need is to let your imagination go but provide your ideas and imagination a guide by considering how different designs would fit with the rest of the theme or interior of the house or bathroom.


A trickier design would require longer time to design and install, therefore keep the designs as simple as possible so that they can be installed without any major modifications to the house and enable you to enjoy your custom designed shower within the shortest time possible. Complex installation and designs also cause the cost to escalate that could make your dream shower out of your reach. Integrate simplicity by using your imagination that would ensure that you are able to create unique piece without driving the cost too high.

Selecting a contractor

As a novice designer you would not be able to install the shower as per the safety standards therefore it is important to select a professional to install your custom made design frameless shower in the home. There are hundreds of online resources which you can resource to find the best contractor in your vicinity. Adhering to all these tips would ensure that you are able to have a beautiful and functioning frameless shower installed in your bathroom.

For a detailed, step-by-step process on how to do it yourself, please watch the video below, by Shower Doors:


What are frameless custom showers? 3 benefits of using them

Showers have been part of our bathrooms for decades and in modern world you cannot imagine a good bathroom without a proper shower. There are thousands of different variations of showers currently being used around the world but one of the most recent addition to the shower market has been the Frameless showers.

Frameless showers are installed in the roof of the shower without any visible stand or support that give the bathroom a bigger look and make more efficient use of the limited space available.

Custom Frameless showers refer to the specifically designed custom showers based on the size of the bathroom and designer preferences of the homeowners.

There are several different benefits of installing frameless showers some of them are discussed below.


Most frame based showers use materials that erode with time and are not able to withstand the mildew, power of water in the shower. The frameless showers also require a lot of space that may not be available in a small bathroom. Frameless showers provide additional aesthetic appeal and a great safety to your bathroom.

Increased value

Research reveals that remodeled bathrooms or kitchen add a 60% increased value to the property so if you are planning to sell your house it is a great idea to remodel your bathroom with frameless shower to increase the value of the property substantially.


Frameless showers have a lot of customizable options that help the homeowners to choose the best fit for their house designs creating an addition sense of comfort and personalization in the house.